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Our Values


We believe Jesus perfectly reveals the nature of God as a good Father. God is good regardless of our circumstances. God is faithful and generous, and as we remember and retell what He has done, He’s able and eager to do it again. Therefore, we seek to live anchored to and out of the reality of God’s goodness and abundance.

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We believe Jesus is worthy of our greatest efforts to believe, honor, and obey Him, therefore our ultimate commitment is to pursue Him relentlessly. As the object of our affections we purpose to minister to Him and to seek Him in such a way that brings fulfillment of the first commandment: to love God with our heart, soul, mind, and strength.


We believe that every believer is called to live and cultivate a supernatural expression of the gospel (signs, wonders, miracles, acts of kindness and compassion). This expression indicates that Gods Kingdom is in our midst (Matthew 12:28). We pray for the sick, we release freedom, and we seek to hear the voice of God on behalf of others. This involves partnership with a Person beyond ourselves.


We believe we are adopted into God’s family, so we intentionally create family and community wherever we go. We are purposeful about developing a culture where people are celebrated, believed in, and activated in their unique purposes. We are committed to serving and loving one another in real and practical ways, as we build a community of freedom, trust, and honor—a place where people are free to be themselves. We are not threatened by one another’s giving and talents, but are intentional to encourage one another.

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We believe the Lord has called us to mobilize local believers in corporate prayer and worship. Therefore our prayer times are focused on praying for corporate needs in our region, nation, and the nations, both for the Church to be strengthened and for the lost to saved and delivered. We are earnestly believing and contending for multitudes to be saved, healed, transformed, and empowered by the Holy Spirit through our prayers.


We believe an atmosphere of worship causes hearts to come alive in God, unites people at the heart level, and sustains hearts in prayer through intimacy and fascination with God. Therefore, our prayer model combines live worship and prayer in order to sustain enjoyable and united intercession. Intimacy based intercession flows best in the context of live worship. Prayer and worship naturally flow together in the heart of God (Revelation 5:8).

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We believe discipleship is core to all areas of our ministry as a house of prayer (Matthew 28:18-20).  We recognize our call to equip, activate, and release intercessory worshipers to wholeheartedly walk out the first and second commandments (Matthew 22:37–39). We believe we are called to pray for, empower, and support the churches, leaders, and ministries in our region (Colossians 4:12-13).

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We believe that Israel still has a leadership role among the nations and that a great revival will come to Israel before the Lord’s return that will affect the spreading of the gospel to the nations.  We partner with God’s plans for Israel by praying for unbelieving Jews to know Jesus as their savior, Messianic Jews to be strengthened, and for houses of prayer to be established in the land. 

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